About Us

CrystalExport.co.in has been providing 100% Natural andverified Gemstones since 1997. At CrystalExport.co.in Centre our endeavor is to supply you with effective gemstone and Crystal products at reasonable prices. All our gemstones and Crystal products are activated through rituals in your name prior to sending.


Buy online Gemstone Chips Beads, Gemstone Tasbih, Gemstone Hammered Beads, Gemstone Jap Mala Beads, Gemstone Tumbled Beads, Gemstone Massage Wands and more at discounted price.


Our Best selling products:-

Energy OrgoneMerkaba Star, Orgone Cabs, Orgone Chakra Sets, Orgone Eggs and Spheres, Orgone Energy Generator, Orgone Healing Pendulums, Orgone Healing Wands, OrgoneKeyring, Orgone Massage Stones, Orgone Obelisk, Orgone Pendants, Orgone Pyramids, Orgone Reiki Sets and Orgone Tree..